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Texas Credit Repair is as simple as 1,2,3

Voted Best Texas credit repair company | Results in (30-45 days)
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Credit repair is now made easy with the right tools and the right company to fix your credit. We are focused on results and providing solutions to fix your credit scores.We provide solutions to fix your credit report, enrich lives, and rebuild a future with higher scores, more approvals and fewer denials so that you can take control of your life again!

We provide you with:

  • Credit Repair For Equifax, Experian, Transunion

  • Credit Bureau Disputes: We require the bureaus to uphold their legal and statutory obligations to consumers with regards to fairness and accuracy of your credit reports.

  • Escalated Info Requests: Credit companies who treat consumers unfairly hardly ever document their credit reporting processes to the extent required by law. This intervention compels their compliance and may result in the removal of the damaged trade line.

  • Access to our resource center and tools to help you build your credit and keep it

  • A credit repair specialist to evaluate your credit and help remove all inaccurate items

  • We have seen scores increase of up to 200 points or more from the removal of inaccurate items

  • We seen many inaccurate items removed such as Bankruptcies, Repossessions, Foreclosure, Tax liens, Judgments, Collection Accounts and more.

  • We get results in as little as 30 days depending on the items. 

  • Normal credit repair takes 3 – 6 months and can take up to 1 year for some items.

Ever wonder how to fix credit fast, without hurting the pocketbook?

fix credit, how to fix your credit, credit fix   1.) Schedule a FREE Consultation.
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Within minutes you are e-mailed instructions on how to get a FREE 3-bureau credit report. Upload with one click! 90 percent of credit reports have inaccurate information, erroneous data, old information that just doesn’t belong to you. We are the Credit Pros.


2.) We will help you get from point A to point B


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Tailored to fit your individual credit report, we carefully craft your custom dispute letters to each of the 3 bureaus to stay in accordance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Which they then respond to provide accurate and fair information on your credit report which results in deletions and removals. We provide you access to a state of the art Cloud Login Portal which you can access on your computer or mobile device. Giving you the ability to see your results in real time!  Full visibility of removals, upfront pricing and nothing is hidden, and no sales; just solutions.


3.)  Quick Results

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In 35-45 days, credit bureaus mail you the results from the first round of our dispute process.  Some clients will also receive letters from creditors to negotiate and lower your debt with them, some even by 80 percent!Another round of dispute letters will then be processed immediately. Results will be be visable through our online Cloud Portal after updating your new 3 bureau credit scores. Texas Credit Fix Solutions just works, because we not only focus on helping you dispute your discrepancies on your credit report, but we provide you with the tools to maintain those higher scores.
Building positive credit is apart of the formula which sets Texas Credit Fix Solutions apart from the rest. We speak with you also 1 on 1 to ensure also you’re utilizing the resources available to you to build positive credit. This is the key to success with positive credit coupled with the deletions off of your report.

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Finding solutions to on how to fix credit is what we do best! With over 23 years of combined experience in disputing inaccurate tax credit information; we go to work for you. Our intelligent repair program is rated the  #1 Best Texas Credit Repair Company.