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We provide Credit Repair Texas services, founded in Fort Worth, TX and soon nationwide. We believe credit repair should be simple. We think you would agree.

Founded in Fort Worth, TX and service all of Texas and surrounding areas.
Fully insured and bonded by Lance Surety Bonds. FICO certified.

Licensed Limited Liability Company and participant in the Credit Services Organization Tex. Fin. Code § 393.002.

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Fort Worth Credit Repair and all of Texas. We are Texas Credit Fix.

Fully bonded and licensed, credit repair Texas certified FICO specialists who insures you’re represented fairly and accurately with the 3-Bureaus. Ensuring that the proper expectations have been set with each and every one of our customers; to give them the  best and straight forward answer to a complicated broken  credit system. Over 90 percent of  credit reports have incorrect, erroneous, and old information associated to them. So we get to work for you! We stand besides our customers representing them fairly with the  creditors and the bureaus to establish accurate reporting. We will find the correct solution to raising their scores.  Results is our focus and simple is our goal.

With over 23 years of combined experience, we have extensive training on analysis of all three credit bureaus. We understand that our clients must know also their legal rights, that their credit report must reflect 100 percent accurate information with zero discrepancies and fair reporting thereof. We know our customers do not deserve to pay high interest rates on loans, vehicles and/or homes unnecessarily. By eliminating erroneous data, and single line items that keep re-appearing and with old information sticking around.

As a team here at Texas Credit Fix Solutions we want you to understand you are protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act, which regulates original creditors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which regulates the collection agencies which have to abide by these laws accordingly. These laws are what which we know best, to carefully represent you as a reputably company and a team who strives for results.



 What Texas Credit Fix believes :

We believe in finding solutions to also build your credit while fixing, cleaning up and repairing. Rebuilding positive credit is key to ensure your scores soar. We believe in upfront pricing, no sales, powerful solutions and a results driven team that cares. We are here to guide you through the credit repair process from start to finish. Want to talk to your credit expert? Pick the phone up and call. If we aren’t available we will reach out that same day or next, each and every time. Our values allows us to focus on customer support above everything else. Our current clients are just as valuable and important to us as our new ones. Best solutions to fixing your  credit is finally affordable and simple.

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